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Inspirational macrame products ideas for modern home interior decoration

Interior decorations serve to improve people’s spirit while optimizing the space in the houses to make the greatest use of space available. It has gained immense significance in our daily lives making living more stylish and modern than ever.

There are many ways to enhance the outlook of your home for good and macrame is one of them. Now, macrame is a textile-making method that involves the use of knots. This method of the old times being more than wall hangings has always been useful throughout the time. You can create key chains, table runners, and such items on your own with a few steps.

Different concepts reflect different preferences and personalities of people. The Macrame products decoration ideas can be implemented into a range of themes. The artistic method from the past has attracted countless modern decorators and manufacturers to create trendy and unique interiors.

These handcrafted artifacts later become the center of attention in any space they are placed, with the right ideas. Thus, we have come up with a few pointers that might be useful for you.

Beneficial macrame product ideas

Creative plant hangers

You always get a trendy touch to a room while also adding a hint of freshness with plant hangers. Macrame adds more class to the setup if used instead. With white textured cording and twisted longs holding the weaving green leaves in and out cannot be more traditional yet modern in its way.

The arrangement gives a delightful sight with a fresh and stylish effect.

You can even make your macrame plant holder. With a few knitting techniques, you can make an ideal macrame as a beginner. The basic materials for the hangers are inclusive of a macrame cord of about 4 meters, scissors, a plant pot, measuring tape, ring (metal or wooden).

Select the material according to your preference that can be inclusive of jute, cotton or any other such material. Finally, place the knot as you prefer the design to be followed by the pot in the middle.

You can place the holder in places such as the dining room or a countertop. Furthermore, good lights around can be the best thing you can do to make the holder look more attractive.

Votive holders

Small or medium glass jars adorned with macrame masterpieces distribute candlelight. They are available on sites like Etsy. Also, it can be made on your own by following simple DIY tutorials which do not take a lot of effort, to begin with.

The weavings of the material offer a touch of Victorian elegance to the votive holders.
These candle jar holders can be exhibited anywhere such as on the bathroom counter, living room, or any indoor space along with the outdoor exhibition.

Soft garlands

A macrame garland can be one decorative, stylish handmade piece for beautifying your bedroom or living space. It comes with ten 9cm wide flags. It can be hung on the wall above your bed or a door. Along with simple settings like these, you can also hang the garland from a fireplace mantle if you have one, or on any windowsill to liven up plain ledges.

The needed material for self-making includes a natural cotton rope of about 4mm with a height of 25cm and 90cm in width.

Door curtains

Macrame door curtains were more a thing in the 70s which has won the creative trends in today’s modern interior decoration. This macrame cover set gives your home a fancy and dreamy touch to any entryway or window. It can be used to decorate open wall racks or be a cool replacement for a closet door.

Shelves with showpieces can be showcased with these breaded coverings. The different material from the regular curtains at home that macrame brings to the table creates a more vibrant and unique effect in the space. Moreover, the curtains make the entry and access more quiet, straightforward, and quick.

Hanging chandeliers

The hanging chandeliers cast a beautiful glow in the entire space where they are hung. The chandeliers can be either placed on a corner to create more vibrancy or added more of them on an occasion to change the vibe of the home. Its natural cotton has a basic yet sumptuous appearance which is enhanced by colorful lights on it.

These handmade chandeliers provide a unique yet classy aspect to the interiors. It will be the center of attraction wherever you place it, as it makes attractive patterns on the walls when you turn on the lights.

Final words

With the evolution of time, new changes are made in the interiors of modern homes. Yet, macrame products are such works of art, which never go out of trend. They always create a vintage yet fresh look that calms the environment with its appearance.